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Our History and What We Can Do For You

Top Web Design CompanyOur professional and creative team of designers and programmers have been creating and developing on the Internet since it’s boom in the mid-1990’s. We have a true passion for what we do and we pay close attention to every detail. You can see this passion, pride, and love for what we do in everything we create for ourselves and for others. Nothing makes us happier than working with clients and helping them see their vision through. When it’s time to go live we are incredibly proud of the positive feedback we receive from our clients when they tell us how much we’ve helped improve their brand and increase sales.

Whether you’re a brand new company trying to get started or a seasoned company that has been around a long time looking for an update, our team is always ready to help you fulfill your needs. We will work closely with you and/or your team to understand exactly what it is you do, what you need, and come up with clear goals and plans to help you achieve exactly what you’re after. Once we have a clear picture of what you need, our team will get to work while staying in constant contact with you and showing you our progress along the way. We have perfected the ability to work on your new project without allowing anyone else access to see it until you say it’s time to reveal it to the world. In other words, we will provide you a secret login and password to view our live progress so we’re all on the same page. At any point, you will be able to contact us and to let us know whether or not to make any small adjustments. This way there is no surprises to anyone and no wasted time.

Our history as a company in a nut-shell...

Top Web Design Company Canton OhioOur founder has had a passion for creating websites and content since the mid-1990's. He got excited to see people enjoying his creations and content around the world when he was just 14 years old. People took notice and interest in the fact that he had a knack for writing code, organizing information, and paying extreme attention to detail when it came to design and overall flow of information. So much so that the Principle of the school he attended at the time walked in the Library one day and laid a floppy disk in front of him and asked him to design the schools website. Admittedly, he found this to be sort of odd cause he wasn't sure what he needed the floppy disk for. Clearly, they had no idea what they were doing when it came web design, graphic design, and creating a natural flow to organize information. He would get extremely excited when people around the world would write to let him know that the web page provided them value in one way or another.

Over the years, he found other like minded individuals that would all push each other to push themselves past their limits and capabilities. With their combined knowledge they were able to start picking up odd jobs. In our early days this was all a very new experience and experiment. With time it grew to have structure and substance. Word of mouth helped kept us busy (and food on the table!). While we've all always taken what we do very serious, competing and pushing each other to be the very best at what we do, as we grew older we also matured as people too. There is no substitute for the experience gained when meeting with real business owners around the country and seeing exactly what is important to them.

Computer nerds aren't always known for having the best social skills, but we kept throwing ourselves into our industry head first priding ourselves on providing quality and communicating well with our clients. That's one of the biggest complaints companies have shared with us. The fact that that they get promised the world by a developer or a team of developers but then after they invest in them they quit communicating and become unreachable. Deadlines are missed, deliverables are not delivered, everyone is upset, and the inexperienced computer nerd calling himself a professional goes into hiding hoping the problem they created will just go away. You can't stay in business as many years as we have in you don't take responsibility, address issues, and find problems promptly and confidently.

Our combined skill-set:

Understanding of Hardware, Devices, Software, and Operating Systems

Understanding of hardware, devices, software, and operating systemsBeing the nerds that we are, we aren't only obsessed with the things we do for work. Outside of work we continue having a passion and sharing a hobby for all things that are technology. We get excited things such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and how they work. We feel the needs to know what makes them tick, what makes them a good machine versus a bad machine. Ways to improve their performance by understanding and upgrading hardware ourselves as well as being control of and configuring the software that runs on the hardware. Having a full understanding of all the various hardware and software configurations available on the market helps us be better at our job.

We are able to use this knowledge to make educated recommendations on what platforms to recommend and pair with the hardware and software our clients use in day to day business. To give you an example or our robust combined knowledge some of the Operating Systems we are proficient in using are all versions of Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, and various versions Linux such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint, and openSUSE.

We do not believe in using underpowered machines to get our work done. There was a time (long ago) we believed that we could our work completed on any machine, and while that still holds true, we are past the point of need to prove this point to ourselves and others. It is wonderful having modern blazing fast technology with more than the above average resources to make sure that we can deliver for our clients. We are always upgrading our hardware and software to stay on top of the bleeding edge of what technology can offer. This helps us deliver bleeding edge results in a timely manner.

If you are in need of our consulting services to help you decide what hardware and/or software to choose in order to help you in your day to day life or business:

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Managing & Configuring Servers (Web Hosting)

Top Web Hosting in Canton OhioAs strange as it sounds, we actually enjoy configuring servers and web servers. Not all servers are web servers, as you can probably imagine. We've set up camera servers and systems, point of sale servers and systems, online radio streaming servers, file servers, media servers, and web hosting servers of course. The one we do most is web hosting servers. Web hosting servers are one of the most unique and demanding. There are many ways to set up one, but serious servers run on Linux. Our combined Linux has helped us to learn how to set up a server on a machine from scratch (just a bunch of parts laying on the floor) all the way to a fully blown system that is broadcasting pages on the internet.

Our servers come with popular "panel" software to help manage domain, subdomains, file management, Email accounts, and much more. An example of a popular "Panel" software would be cPanel. With our hosting plans you will have full access of your files and your Email. We believe in the fact that you should be able to own your data and do whatever you would like with it. Yes, that even means we believe in allowing you backup everything on our servers and take your information somewhere else. A lot of hosting companies hold your data hostage. Everything will start out great but when it's time to leave you'll find it's nearly impossible. This is going to leave a bad taste in your mouth, you will remember that, and you won't be recommending them to anyone else. We don't want to be those guys!

There are so many tiny settings that need to be set in order for the web server to work properly and be secure. For example, memorizing how to properly setup a firewall is not a task for the weak! If you are looking for solid web hosting that just works, contact us. If you have one thing set wrong your web server could spit out errors on the screen, show a blank screen, or be vulnerable to hacker attacks. One way to ensure a web server will come crippling to its knees is when you start getting some traffic to your website and bots take notice and start attacking your web server for what seems absolutely no reasons. It happens! It's happened to us, and that's how we know how to avoid it.

If you're looking for web hosting that just works:

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Programming & Database Structuring (Web Design, Content Management Systems, E-commerce, & more...)

Top Programmers in Canton, Ohio, 44709If you haven't already gathered, we like to write code! This is how we talk to our hardware and make it do amazing things. We love seeing our code do amazing things not just for ourselves, but for our clients, people around the world, and people around the world using code we've written for our clients.Some of the popular languages we use frequently here at Three 31 Media for our clients are HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, jQuery. HTML and CSS don't really count as programming languages, but they are important. Without those languages PHP, Javascript, jQuery would be very bland.

We've been staying up-to-date with the advancements of all these languages since their introduction. We were building sites back when the only way to do so was through tables, and we have since then kept up-to-date as we migrate into the div era. It would be incredibly hard to get caught up to the combined skill level we have at this point. For fun, we are members of code communities online where people ask for help and we try to solve their problems with code. This is a gratifying experience because a budding developer gets the help they seek and we sharpen our skills at the same time.

Going hand-in-hand with web design and programming database structuring. Early on while we learning how to integrate databases into our projects and the value of doing, we realized we had a natural ability for it. It isn't an easy task to imagine how data needs to be stored and organized when accessed on the world wide web. There are more questions to ask yourself than you would first imagine if you had never jumped into it. Just doing simple math requires learning how to math in a way that the language supports and pulling information from a specific area of the database that is set to store information in a particular format. MySQL databases, for example, can expand a website to do amazing things such as power a Content Management System, power a shopping cart, manage users, and secure passwords to name a few uses.

If you or your company needs qualified programmers, don't hesitate to contact us today:

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Graphic Design

Top Graphic Designers in Canton, OhioNothing compliments good code and web design skills with good graphic design skills. Most of our team are skilled artists even without a computer filling sketch pads full of drawings, paintings, and sketches. It is only natural that we would be interested in what technology could bring to the table when it comes to our art. We dabble with all the leading and bleeding edge software for graphic design as well utilizing touch sensitive digital drawing pens.

Some of the most common tasks we complete for our clients on a regular basis are creating logos, icons, slideshow graphics, and typeface heavy artwork. Our graphic design is saved in various formats such as .png, .jpeg, .gif, .psd, and .ai to name a few. We pay special attention to save elements we've created in the proper DPI for web and another copy in the correct DPI and color space for printing. Our team will work with you to see what the particular needs of the graphic design you are. We will work closely with you and your printing company to provide exactly what they need that way you can focus on more important things.

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Marketing (Social Media Optimization (SEO))

Top SEO in Canton, OhioBeing that we are passionate about what we do and getting results. It only makes sense that the most important thing to us even from the very beginning was to see people using the things we created online. This means understanding how to market it and get the word out about it. We've used every method under the sun to rank well, continually improve rank, stay on top of changing algorithms, and outdo competitors trying to rank in the same industry or market.

The Internet and the search results are some of the fastest most frequently changing of all time. Everyone knows that unless you've been living under a rock. The first step in being able to ensure we can get our clients the best results we need to understand the company, the market, the job our client does, the goal our client has, and even the people that run the project or business. Knowing all these ins and outs helps create a clear picture together of how we're going to attack the market. Some of the methods are obvious and pretty standard, but to really stand out in the crowd you have to dig really deep. Our team excels at listening to our clients and really coming up with a clever, creative, and sometimes outside the box plan to generate a buzz for our clients.

With our combined skills, history, and knowledge of how the Internet works, code needs to be written, and search engines function we are confident that we provide some of the best, if not the best, results for our clients. Listening to our clients we again hear how many people make ridiculous claims about what they are going to be able to provide for the money they are spending. You should really talk with us before spending any money. We will be 100% honest and up-front with you and what you're doing trying to do. Spending money on marketing can be scary cause to some it might seem it is sort of just like throwing money in the air and hoping for the best. It doesn't have to be that way!

Contact us so our team can analyze your situation and come up with the best way to ease into a full blown marketing campaign that excels.

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Social Marketing (Building traffic on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc...)

Top Social Media Marketers in Canton, OhioThese days, getting traffic and results in organic search engine results isn't the only way to get generate traffic and a buzz about your website, business, or project. There is now a thing called Social Media Marketing where you can capture the attention of new audiences on these platforms tapping into their gigantic user-base. If you really want to take things to the next level, consider us in helping you come up with a Social Media Marketing plan.

Again, being the nerds that we are, we can't help but being active on every popular, current, and upcoming social media network that comes on the scene ourselves. We feel it's part of our job to have experience with them all, be proficient with them all, and prove to ourselves that we can understand them well enough to get results with them. So, we all use them in our personal lives, as well as managing accounts for our clients.

Social Media Marketing can be trickier than organic SEO where you can just sleep easy at night knowing you are showing up prominent for a specific keyword in a search engine. The reason for this is because managing social media can burn some people out. It can especially be tiring if you enjoy your own personal account or accounts but then you realize you have to also start managing your companies social media accounts. There are tons of tools online to help you manage multiple accounts, but which are the best, which ones are worth paying for, are there better ways to do it? Let us help make these tough decisions before you flopping around aimlessly hoping for results. Different results require different methods, have different audiences, and have different tools to get the job done the most efficiently.

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Branding (Logo creation, business cards, fliers, brochures, etc...)

Being consistent everywhere people find your brand online or offline is very important to help make people, customers, and your future customers remember you. Our team understands this and has helped countless of individuals and companies create their online brand or even revamp their online branding. This is, again, something that seems so obvious but to actually execute can become tedious, time-consuming, and frustrating. For example, everything down to using the exact shade of certain colors throughout your website, business cards, and fliers.

We've been creating professional and slick logos, business cards, fliers, brochures, and other digital goods for our clients just as long as we've been passionate about technology and building websites. Every time we get a new challenge we push ourselves to become even better than we were on the last project we worked on.

You can feel confident after you work with our team that everywhere people find you online you will have a consistent theme for your website, business, or project. Our team can and will handle logging in your social media accounts to match up logos, colors, and header images for you if that's something you need. In addition, if you already had your website built with us, it would then make sense to also have us handle your business cards, fliers, brochures and other print material since we're already close to your project and chances are we've gotten to know you and your team quite well to know what you like.

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Professional Photography Services

Top Photography Services in Canton, OhioAre we into digital photography? Heck yes, we are! With all our other combined skills, it only makes sense that we would be into photography. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest photography techniques and providing our clients with high-quality shots. Over the years we have taken artsy photos to be used as elements in web design and print material, photographs of people for staff, events, and other print material, and high-quality product photos for online stores.

One of the things that sets us apart from other agencies that provide photographer services is our various screen backdrops. We invested in gear that assists in taking photographs where we can remove or manipulate the background of the subject to make great professional images. However, we also will come to you and shoot on location. It all depends on your needs and what the particular job calls for. We bring various cameras including DSLR cameras because we have found that not all cameras take equal shots. It's nice to be able to compare all the shots rendered by different hardware and choose the absolute best shot for use.

We will share with you all the rough shots and shots after they have been enhanced if they need be. There are never any secrets from you, we want to be transparent with you and quickly provide the files from the photoshoot. Our clients have shared with us many nightmares where they are held back because the agency or person that took the photos isn't ready to release them just yet. They are still playing with enhancements and filters before they want the client to see the final product. Our team prides themselves in setting up a shot well the first time so the picture that was taken is near perfect to perfect as soon as the picture is taken. This allows us to get you the images you paid for extremely quickly. Sure, sometimes edits need to be made, but we work hard to minimize edits, revisions, and delays in getting you results.Looking for professional photography services for your company, event, or products?

Write us and let's see how we can work together.

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Professional Videography Services

Top Videography Services in Canton, OhioOur cameras can also shoot high-quality professional grade video. Our creative team has put together storyboards and shot many videos and even music videos for companies and individuals. Not everyone has an eye or the proper equipment to set up a successful video shoot. Just like when we're creating a website, marketing campaign, or working on branding a company, we pride ourselves in listening to our client and really getting a clear vision of what their goal is.

If you haven't gathered by now from reading various sections of our website and looking around, our team is very versatile and good at thinking of outside-the-box clever ideas and solutions. It's this drive and passion to stay consistent in this way that has kept us successful all these years.

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