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MS Paint. Is it dead? Has it been reborn?


The last I heard, Microsoft Paint (or as most people call it, MS Paint) was pronounced dead by Microsoft. Although, I think a lot of people were confused by the definition of what "dead" meant. You could still use it, it just wouldn't be included in future versions of Windows 10 or be getting any updates anymore. But, really who was worried about MS Paint getting updates anymore? I was mostly confused why people thought that since Microsoft wasn't going to support it anymore they had to quit using it. I've been using the Windows 2000 version for a long time. In my opinion, the version that came with Windows 2000 was the best, so when I install windows I copy over the .exe file to my computer for whenever I need it.

When do I need MS Paint? Well, surprisingly, I use it more than you'd think. When I take screenshots with the print-screen key, I usually offload the clipboard into MS Paint. MS Paint loads fast and shows me what I just took a screenshot of. What I do with it from there is up to me. I can save it or crop it. That's another thing I use it for a lot! Cropping. It's really fast and easy to crop a photo with MS Paint.

Anyway, after Microsoft announced the news of the death of MS Paint, the Internet spoke up. I saw it first hand watching my Twitter streams as people tweeted like they just lost a loved one. Initially I came here to blog about how it died and share some photos of great artwork done by people using MS Paint, but instead I see that Microsoft noticed all the chatter and it now has a second chance at life.

Here are some more articles where you can read about dead and rebirth of MS Paint:

I guess Microsoft Paint will love on! So many people have fond memories of it. It makes sense when you think about it. Okay, revision... So many people have memories of it! They may not all be fond.


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