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Photography Services

Do you have a need for professional photography for your company, start-up, online project, or print material? Knowing what equipment to buy itself can be overwhelming, as well as then learning how to properly use it. Don't let that get in the way of having professional quality photos taken for your whatever project you need them for. We have already taken care of all of this and have the equipment and knowledge ready to go for you. Just show us what you need photographed and our team will get to work.

A lot of photographers and photography agencies will take the work back and spend weeks 'optimizing' the photos and performing 'touch-up' to them before letting you see any. We have a different approach. Yes, we will spend time 'optimizing' and performing 'touch-up' where necessary as well. But, we pride ourselves in having perfected a method of taking photos where we get the shot right as soon as we take the photo to reduce time we will need optimizing and touching the photos up so you can get your results and hands on the images even quicker.

We love all brands of cameras and feel that any brand can output beautiful photography if you know how to use the tool properly. Here at Three 31 Media we prefer to stick with Canon. They've been a high-quality and trusted name in the professional photography and videography field for a long time. Just like any other service that we offer and put our minds to, we tend not to mess around but just go straight to what we know will provide quality right out of the gate.

In addition to having access to amazing equipment, we also have back drops such as green screens for special scenarios where the background needs edited out or changed completely. One of our favorite services to provide clients is beautiful product photography for their online store. Using our special back drops, lighting, and software we can make your products look incredible online. One of the most important parts of selling online is having high quality beautiful photos of the product you're selling.

Another popular reason people hire our professional photography services are to showcase their workplace or the type of work they do. For example, high quality photos for a slideshow on your website so your visitors, clients, and customers can really see what you do. The alternative is to usually use stock footage, which can work, but sometimes makes everything feel and seem a little bit more generic. You can really stand out by showcasing high quality images of what you do that no one has ever seen anywhere else on the Internet.

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