Helping existing businesses, start-ups, and people just like you nationwide become rock stars on the Internet.

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Helping existing businesses, start-ups, and people just like you nationwide become rock stars on the Internet.

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Digital Arts > Videography Services

Videography Services

Do you need a video to be created? We love helping our customers and clients storyboard a new video project, shoot it, and bring it to life! We’ve shot all ranges of video from commercials to music videos. We’ve used the videos we’ve created in conjunction with web projects, or just to feature on video websites like YouTube or Vimeo. Whatever your video needs are, we would love to facilitate them.

Storyboarding – The creative process…

Our team will listen to your video needs and help you come up with a storyboard for the video. If you’re not familiar with videography, the storyboard is like an outline of how the video will look at completion. If you are not good at visualizing or even coming up with an idea or storyboard for your video, don’t worry we are very creative individuals and can come to you with various ideas for you to consider. If you do have a particular vision for your video, we will listen to you and help you bring your vision to life. It’s your video, we’re just here to help you make it a reality.

The shoot

We will set up a time and location for the shoot and bring our equipment and gear to shoot the video. There may be sever takes on a shoot several in order to make sure we got just the right shot. Usually we do not delete much of the footage, we just bring it all back to our editing computers raw so we can view it all on a larger screen. This requires a lot of storage on our part, but don’t worry we have that covered!

Editing the video

After unloading all the raw footage onto our hard drives we will get to editing while keeping you updated along the way. Periodically we may send you private clips of how things are coming so you can give feedback as we progress. We use professional software such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Vegas Video just like any other big budget company or film maker would use.

Uploading the video

There are various ways the video can be uploaded and we can facilitate any that you need. Most of the time we recommend that the video goes on YouTube or Vimeo. These services have huge communities for extra viewing as well as impressive servers to keep your video loading fast at all times. Using them we are also able to upload the raw video so they can compress it on their end to keep the video at it’s highest quality. This reduces how many times the video gets compressed. We will also use our Internet to upload the video so you don’t have to worry about bogging down your commercial or residential Internet for the video upload.

Video marketing – Getting your video seen!

Marketing a video is something that is often forgotten about. Sure, it’s great that you’ve got a new video that you want to showcase online, but is it really just enough to upload it and wait? If you need it, we will put time and effort into optimizing the video with keywords and text to help it show up in organic search results when people are looking for related search terms. Depending on how aggressively you need the video to be marketed, we can also share it and embed it places around the web to increase even more views on your video. A lot of what we do will be similar to what we provide with our marketing services, but for your video or videos.

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