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Search Engine Optimization, as you may know, is also popularly referred to as SEO. It's also one of the most important and controversial subjects on the Internet when it comes to web design and ranking well. Everyone wants to rank #1 in the organic search results on Google. With so much information, often times conflicting information, and people debating the topic it's no wonder people get so overwhelmed and then look to agencies to help them out. It's also no wonder so many agencies exist around the world claiming to be experts in this field.

This is an area that we again follow the rule to keep it simple. We do not and will not employ any black-hat search engine optimization tactics no matter how tempting it may be. In our eyes, the best way to get great rank in the organic search results is to be honest and real. It is the job of a search engine to figure out how to filter out the cheaters and showcase the genuine content. That is the service we want to offer to our clients. Helping them rank well with real content and properly configured code.

It is true, search engine optimization can get very complicated. We have spent our entire career building websites and optimizing them. Almost every client that gets a website from us also gets SEO services. Why? After all the time, money, and work on your existing or brand new website you definitely want to make sure it's being seen.

But, who has the time to read all the information there is out there about the best practices, how to optimize your code for SEO, and learn about what tools are the best to use for keeping on top of it all? We do! We spend some time almost every day keeping up-to-date and since we host, build, and manage so many websites for clients we have accumulated a ton of experience. There's no guess-work anymore, our team knows exactly what we're doing, why we're doing it, and what to expect. That's the kind of results we will give to you when we send out updates so you can see first-hand that you're getting results.

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