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Mobile App Development

Over the years we have helped many of our clients launch apps on all smartphone platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Phones, Blackberry, and even Palm's WebOS. It doesn't matter what platform you need your smartphone, our team can handle the task. The two most common reasons we have been contacted to deliver apps for our clients are to create an app to put in the actual online market for anyone around the world to use, or app designed to be for private use by a company and it's employees.

What is involved getting a Mobile App created?

If you have ever tried to build your own mobile app you will have likely discovered it isn't as easy as it first seems. There are similarities to building a website, but they certainly aren't entirely the same. You need to figure out which devices you need your app on, what language your app will be written in, have multiple devices for testing, and work with the online marketplaces to get your app approved. We are here to help you simplify this process. We already know the languages apps need to be written in, have multiple devices from all the major smartphone players, and accounts with the online marketplaces such as the Google Play Store and Apple's iTunes.

First, our team will work with you to see what your goals are with your app so we can all get on the same page. Then our team will get to work creating either a wireframe or a functioning prototype of the app for you to see and critique. After we've ironed out the User Interface and functionality, we will focus on making sure the content your app needs to deliver is in place. Next we load the app onto our various smartphone devices to make sure everything displays and works properly across multiple platforms and screen resolutions. If the app is to go into the online marketplace(s) we will then start taking screenshots on the multiple devices, make app icons, and write app descriptions in preparation of final deployment of the app.

When submitting an app to an online marketplace such as the Google Play Store or Apple's iTunes you should be aware this can be a tedious and frustrating process. The apps are not always approved on the first submission. This is especially true of Apple. We say this not to scare you, but to set realistic expectations. With our many years of experience going back and forth with these companies we have a good idea of what they're looking for but no one can promise that every app submission is going to get approved on the first try. The first human reaction seems to be to get frustrated or angry, but that isn't productive. A better reaction is to take a closer look at the reasons it was denied and work to improve the app. It is important to remember they have good intentions and they want you to check your app over and over to make sure it is the best version of itself before they let it into their store.

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