Helping existing businesses, start-ups, and people just like you nationwide become rock stars on the Internet.

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Helping existing businesses, start-ups, and people just like you nationwide become rock stars on the Internet.

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Mobile Website Design Services

Mobile Website Design & Responsive Website Design

This has become one of our more requested services. Because of this, we have become incredibly efficient and skilled at making mobile websites. Whether you have an existing website that needs to be converted into a mobile website or you need a brand new website that is also mobile friendly, we have you covered! It makes no difference to us whether are converting your existing website to be mobile friendly or starting from scratch. Contact our team, show us what you’re working with, and we will let you know what we can do for you.

What is mobile website design and how is it different from regular web design?

Before the invention of smartphones, there was just web design. Everyone would design their websites to fit on desktop computers with large screens (compared to mobile devices). While it was still true that you still needed to take into account various screen sizes, they weren’t nearly as drastic as they have become since smartphones have arrived. This meant all websites only needed one version of themselves to display for all devices. After smartphones became prevalent, new ways of writing code were adopted that allowed a user to identify the type of device they are on and adapt the display to fit on any device (without the need of the pinch zooming to read the content, a side affect of not having a website that is optimized for mobile displays).

Two types of mobile websites emerged because of the smartphone. The first one was to create a separate mobile optimized website that duplicates your desktop websites content at a different URL. When the browser detected a smartphone, it would redirect to a different URL that was specifically designed to handle mobile devices. The second way is a lot more slick and has become way more popular. It is by creating what is a called a Responsive Website. Responsive Websites do not need to redirect when your website notices a smartphone or tablet. Instead, it takes your existing content and uses rules you have set to alter the display of your graphics and content so everything fits no matter what device a user is on.

Responsive design solved a lot of problems that the first type of mobile website had. The user interface is typically more consistent between desktop and mobile now which creates less confusion for visitors. There is no chance of having search engines penalize you for duplicate content since you are serving your content on one URL. From a programmers perspective, it is more efficient to add some lines of code to the stylesheet* to optimize a website into a mobile friendly website than to build a separate website and attempt to pull in or duplicate the content. Because of these reasons, creating or converting websites into responsive websites is the route we will typically go or recommend to our clients. For example, this website is a responsive website. You can load it on a phone, tablet, or desktop and everything will fit.

* A stylesheet is a file or files referenced in the head of an HTML document to declare formatting rules such as colors, fonts, and content placement for the entire website.

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