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If you've never heard of a content management system, you might not know why you need one. They have become incredibly popular and for good reason. To quickly summarize a content management system, it is a place for the website owner to login and quickly edit their content. This could mean adding a new page, writing a blog post, uploading or changing images, modifying a slideshow, or even adjusting the items in the main navigation. A content management system puts a user that does not want to have to fiddle with code or contact someone else in order to add or edit their website whenever they need.

Why do I need a Content Management System?

Not every website needs a content management system. But, there are obvious advantages to having one. In our opinion, it's always better to have one than not having one. As mentioned in the opening paragraph of this page, the most popular reasons our clients request a content management system is because they can make the edits themselves without having to write code and because they do not have to contact someone else or an agency just to make simple edits to things such as updating a phone number or company hours on their website. It is empowering to someone that does not write code to know they can still be in complete control of what their visitors are seeing. It's also good practice, because content management systems are built on the same code that your website is built on. Typically, most content management systems have a toggle when you're editing your content so you can view what it will look like on your website or the actual source code that makes up the content. Advanced users can use the HTML view to write their own custom code and extend the functionality and design of a page. Basic users will likely want to stick with the visual editor that allows them to simply edit content and images on a page.

How do I know if I need a Custom Content Management System?

The easiest way to determine whether you could get away with using a popular platform such as WordPress or a Custom Content Management System would be to contact us! After you describe your needs we will quickly be able to tell what you need for your particular scenario. It is true that Content Management Systems such as WordPress have become incredibly powerful, scalable, and user friendly. But, sometimes our clients have extremely specific needs, and that is usually where something custom needs to be planned out and created. Sometimes a website doesn't need all of the robust features of a popular Content Management System and the resources used would be a waste when it really needs something completely different.

If you do not have a Content Management System and are interested in one, or if you're interested in changing the Content Management System that your website currently runs on, we highly recommend you contact us so we can help you figure out a solution that fits your needs.

Do you need a Content Management System?

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