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Database Programming with MySQl

MySQL Database Programming

There are a lot of differences and benefits to building a website with the power of a MySQL database. A website or web application that has no database has far less flexibility. Sure, you can still put something out that is beautiful and provide a lot of value and information without a database. Having your website or web application backed with a MySQL database can add better security, better user management, faster page load times, advanced programming techniques, and much more.

If you've never structured a database before, it is a lot harder than it first seems. There are many things to take into consideration when structuring a database even for the simplest of projects. Our team has been working with MySQL databases since they came into existence many years ago and have been keeping up with the best practices when working with them ever since. You can be rest assured to have a fast, secure, and efficient database for your website or web application when working with us.

What is a MySQL database?

Visually, a database somewhat resembles a spreadsheet. But, they are more in depth than just a spreadsheet! The most typical usage MySQL databases are used for is storing all of a websites content, usernames, and (encrypted) passwords. What is fascinating about accessing information from a database using a language like PHP that introduces logic to your website or web application is the all the unique ways you can access content and manipulate it based on variables that are set in your websites source code. Websites like Facebook and Twitter would not be possible without a database to organize all the content they store and serve to visitors.

Why do I need a MySQL database?

We would recommend a website is powered by a database no matter how small or large it is. Your pages will load faster and you will be ready to scale your website or web application up easier when you're ready to take things to the next level. Typically, when we set a client up with a new website or web application, we always use a MySQL database paired with a Content Management System. This makes life easier for everyone involved.

Some websites or web applications truly are so simple that you may not need a database. If you need to serve some static information on a few pages and don't intend to build your website larger than that, then yes you could probably save some money by not worrying about having your website linked to a MySQL database. The first downside to this approach that comes to mind is that there will definitely not be any Content Management System accessible for you to log in and change your content yourself. You would need to be able to edit the site yourself through FTP or contact us for updates to your site every time you need them.

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