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PHP Development

What is PHP? PHP is a script language and interpreter originally derived from Personal Home Page Tools, but now stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, which the PHP FAQ describes as a "recursive acronym." That is the technical and nerdy definition, but a simpler way to think of it is an add-on for HTML pages to bring logic to the source code. It is the most popular programming language on the internet for websites and web applications. There are a few other contenders but every year the popularity of PHP increases.

PHP extends the functionality of a website or web application greatly. Once we started using it years ago when it was released, the benefits were obvious and we have never looked back. It's massive widespread usage means it's always being updated and supported around the world.

What can we do with PHP for you?

PHP Development

We can make PHP do anything we need it to. The main goal of PHP is to allow web developers like us to write dynamically generated pages quickly. Below are some common examples of PHP usage:

  • Perform calculations and mathematical equations
  • Access information in databases
  • Creating web interfaces for adding, deleting, and editing elements within a database
  • Generate HTML content on-the-fly
  • Set and access cookie and session variables (for user management, like logging in and out)
  • Restrict access to sections of a website or web application by authenticating users
  • Encrypt data

There are so many features PHP can offer it is nearly impossible to list them all. It is also interesting to note that none of these are standalone features. They can be mixed and matched to provide even more advanced calculations, content, and functionality.

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