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eCommerce Development

So, you want to sell online? Now it's time to get your products online and for sale! But, where to start? Selling online with eCommerce, as you've probably seen if you've done any research, is a very competitive field. There are lots of platforms to sell on and they would all have you believing they are all the best platform to use. But, they can't all be the best, and they aren't. They all have their strengths and their weaknesses.

Instead of worrying about all the choices and configuration of selling online, contact us, explain your goals and needs, then let us handle designing, hosting, and configuring your online shop. After we talk with you, we will immediately be able to determine what the best route for selling online will be for you. We have been helping people sell online for years and can get you up and running selling with your own online store in no time. You can focus your energies on sales, perfecting your product, fulfilling orders, and providing excellent customer care.

Helping people get their online stores up, running, and configured has become one of our most popular services within the last few years and we couldn't be more excited about it. It can get incredibly tedious, confusing, and overwhelming and we love being able to assist.

Advantages of having your own online store vs. using eBay and Amazon

There is nothing wrong with selling your products on eBay and Amazon. But, many quickly get frustrated with all the fees associated with selling. You either have to decide to make less or charge more, but the marketplaces are so competitive you can't always just charge more or your product will never sell. That is just a sample reason why someone might choose to sell on their own online store.

When you run your own store, you don't have as many companies digging into your profits. You can also control the design of your store, have your own domain name, run your own sales (campaigns), manage coupon codes, have your own users and customers, and (have us) make special (programming) customizations to your store to name a few of the liberating reasons to run your own online eCommerce store. When you use a prebuilt platform like eBay, you only have a few ways to customize how people interact with your online store. The tools they give you are all you're going to get.

In addition to the reasons above, there is also the wonderful fact that you own your data. No one can take your data away from you. You can make backups of your data any time, you can use your data however you like, you can move your eCommerce website from one hosting provider to another. It's empowering to know you own your data. Setting up an online eCommerce store takes a lot of time and it would be terrible to see it all disappear one day. You have no guarantees with third-party eCommerce platforms. They can change their rules whenever they feel like, determine you broke a rule and you're suspended, delete your account or data, or even just go out of business and close up shop without notice. While those are probably rare scenarios, you just never know! If you look online you can find horror stories for all the big eCommerce platforms.

Let us help you sell online safely, quickly, and efficiently today!

Put all your worries about selling online aside and contact us today to see how we can get you up and running as fast as possible. Whether you have an established online business or you're just getting started, we have the tools and skills necessary to exceed your expectations.

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