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WordPress Development

To say we love WordPress would be an understatement. Can we build sites without WordPress? Yes. Do we feel it is absolutely necessary to use WordPress for every website build? No. But, do we promote the heck out of it and love every aspect of it? Yes. Okay, maybe not every aspect, but there's certainly more to love than there isn't. It's a wonderful platform and extremely popular for all the right reasons. It also speaks to our team of PHP development and MySQL development programmers since it relies on two of our favorite areas to work with.

It's hard to not have noticed WordPress on the Internet considering how many websites are powered by it these days. But, does that mean that it's easy to work with? Well, yes and no. It is designed to be easy to work with, but with limited knowledge of what you're doing it is going to show. The more you know what you're doing and the better you are with code, the more you are going to be able to extend the ability of it, and (sometimes more importantly) be able to hide the fact that you're even using WordPress.

Misconceptions Vs. Flexibility

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about WordPress is that it is a blogging platform and all websites that use WordPress look the same. This is becoming less true as the years go by, but we have heard that many times. It is an understandable argument if you were to judge it by face value only since it's designed intentionally to be easy to install and get something online. It doesn't guarantee it will be the best website of all time. After you install it, you are presented with the basic WordPress user interface and some basic themes to choose from. If you aren't very experienced, the natural inclination will be to go through some settings and then pick a generic theme. You can then imagine that many inexperienced users with a lack of knowledge how to code or program things themselves will follow a similar pattern of least resistance and end up with a lot of similar results.

The fact that it can be so diverse is what makes it so popular. WordPress appeals to people that have no background in web development and to those that do! For those developers that have a lot of experience, they can use it to build an extremely robust back-end and front-end system that is completely catered to a clients needs. Experienced developers also know how to make themes from scratch. Developing a theme from scratch means that the developer completely controls the look of the new site just the same as if they weren't using WordPress. When it comes to how a website looks, an experienced developer doesn't care whether they are using WordPress or not. They understand the language and can do whatever they like.

Do you have a WordPress website, but need help?

WordPress Development

In our experience, we have run into a lot of clients that have a WordPress powered website and are still overwhelmed by it and thus need help. Just because it is made for the masses doesn't mean it is easy for everyone, and we understand that. Some people are too busy or simply not interested in how it works and how to fully recognize it's full potential. That's why we are here to help. We understand WordPress in and out and would love to be your right-hand man with your WordPress to ensure your website portrays exactly what you aim to display to your visitors.

The out-of-the-box WordPress solution is powerful, but usually needs plugins to extend it's functionality. Because WordPress plugins are developed by third-party individuals or companies from anywhere in the world, soon the back-end experience can get very chaotic. Every plugin installation usually adds yet another menu item or menu items all labeled whatever the developer thought the area should be called. These plugins have even more settings to configure and help guides to install them into the website. Before you know it, your back-end experience is a confusing disaster. To an experienced user, maybe it's not so bad, but to someone that isn't very computer savvy or doesn't have the time to digest everything going on, they are going to be overwhelmed quickly.

Is this you? Are you tired of WordPress because you've had a bad experience due to something similar? Don't worry, we have a proprietary plugin we created just for situations like this after listening to our clients. It is not available to the public. It takes all of the mystery out of WordPress so that when you log in it will only show you what you need to focus on in order to edit or add content without overwhelming you with tons of menus and options that are irrelevant. We've been using it for our clients for years and haven't received a single complaint.

Never had a WordPress website, but want to get stared? What can WordPress do?

WordPress Development

We would love to hear from you about your new website project and help you get started with WordPress. Contact us any time! Whether you have an existing WordPress powered website that needs attended to or updated, or you've never had a WordPress website but know you need one, we are here to help.

WordPress as a Blogging Platform

Many people think WordPress is (just) a blogging platform. It certainly is a great blogging platform with features out-of-the-box such as writing blog entries, categorizing blog entries, archiving blog entries by date, time, and author, and filtering blog posts by tags. Tags are similar to Twitter's hashtags. You can tag blog posts with words to link them together. For example, if you have two blog posts about dogs and you tag them both with "dog" then a visitor can click "dog" and see all posts tagged with that keyword.

Built-In Search Function

By default, WordPress comes with a powerful search function. Even out-of-the-box it works very well, but we can extend it's capabilities even further if need be. You would be surprised the things we've been able to do with the search function of WordPress. This is part of the magic of having all of the content stored in a MySQL Database.

Static Pages

WordPress has a feature called "Pages" built-in which allows you to create static pages of content for your website. In the early stages of developing a site with our clients, we get an idea of the pages they will need. This creates the overall flow of a website with a basic navigation structure. For example, many sites have a homepage, an about page, services page, testimonials, photo gallery, and a contact page. We create those as the main pages of the website and work out from there.

eCommerce powered by WooCommerce

One of the most requested services we provide is to extend the functionality of WordPress as an eCommerce platform. When we do this, we always use WooCommerce. Why? Because it is tried and tested to work every time. It is extremely flexible with even more plugins to extend it's functionality as well as supporting nearly every type of payment processor.

Is that all?

No! We're just scratching the surface. It's tempting to go on about how Widgets work or how there are amazing ways to add Events and Event Calendars to a website... but we have to draw the line somewhere. WordPress is really amazing and we really love exploring all avenues it can bring. There really is no limit to what it can bring to you. It reminds us of the expression where there is a will there is a way. If we can't find the solution, we'll make it!

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