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Website security becomes more and more important all the time. There are many types of website security and we are masters of implementing all of them.

Securing data on the server

Website Security Services

Hackers and malicious users on the Internet are nothing new. When our clients use our website hosting services they are immediately protected by our extremely secure server that we maintain. Our team is constantly reading and staying up-to-date on the best ways to keep a server protected so that our clients can focus on more important things without worrying whether or not their data is safe.

Despite anyone's best efforts to keep their data safe on the Internet, it is impossible to predict every scenario. That's why we always make regularly scheduled backups almost every day that way we're always ready for the worst. We can restore any website or web application on our server almost instantly. Although this has never happened, we feel it's important to be prepared anyway.

Protecting data with an SSL

SSL Services

If you haven't heard, it has become a new standard around the Internet for websites to have an SSL. What is an SSL? You could think of it as an add-on to your domain that provides extra security for the information being passed back and forth from the website to the computer accessing it. It encrypts the data as it passes the information through a different port than a regular website would use that didn't have an SSL.

Google has been on the forefront of the push to encourage websites to have an SSL and even have said they would boost ranking for those that comply to this request. They did not promise a big boost, but they did promise a boost nonetheless. We always recommend that our clients get an SSL with their website, especially if they plan to sell products on their website with our eCommerce services.

Are you in need of website security services?

We offer very affordable SSL services for our clients. Contact us about your website or web application so we can discuss your web hosting, security, and getting an SSL on your website.

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